Speaker 8

Daphne Dekker

Daphne Dekker is the chair of Hospitality, Personality and Behaviour. After her Master’s degree in Organisational and Social Psychology at Utrecht University, she received her PhD on team behaviours at the Management faculty of the Technical University of Eindhoven. Before working for the Hotelschool The Hague, Daphne was a faculty member of the Psychology department and the Management Department of the Radboud University. Since September 2012, Daphne is also principle lecturer in HRM subjects and Research Methods.

Hospitality Personality and Behaviour is a field in which the world of psychology and hospitality comes together. Research Questions that are addressed within the chair for example include: “Is hospitableness something that can be trained? What is the best way to train or coach people to be hospitable? Is hospitableness a part of someone’s personality?” Recently, Daphne has contributed to The Routledge Handbook of Hospitality Management. Moreover, she is actively involved in designing courses for the new Master’s programme at HTH

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