Speaker 6

Carl Rohde

Carl Rohde is the chair of Future Hospitalities research. He studied cultural sociology at Rotterdam and Tilburg University, where he received his Masters Degree. His Ph.D. was obtained from Utrecht University. Carl Rohde is one of the leading futurologists/trendwatchers in Europe. He was a professor at Fontys Universities, Eindhoven and at the Hotel Management School Maastricht. In 2010, Carl received the Dutch award 'Trendwatcher of the Year'. In 2011, he was the winner of the Dutch 'Professor of the Year' award. Last year, the City of Shanghai endowed a chair in Trendwatching & Innovation in China, at the Shanghai Institute of Technology, a first professorship in its kind held by Dr. Rohde. Carl Rohde leads www.scienceofthetime.com, a reputed network of (academic) trendwatchers and market researchers worldwide. His mission is to explore the future of hospitalities: in a globalized world competition is more fierce than ever before. This certainly goes for the international hospitality industry. New (online) players are entering the market. New target groups, especially from the Eastern hemispheres will become our guests. Other sectors – from retail to health – are realizing the importance of the core competence: developing and providing genuine hospitality experiences. In order to adapt to the changes and challenges, and reap successes from them, hospitality businesses and professionals must be more creative and innovate than ever before. Knowing what our future guests want and desire, understanding how the business dynamics of hospitality industry are evolving, assessing how to combine the global and the local optimally: these are leading topics of the chair of Future Hospitalities.

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