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2 - 7 November


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Congress Program

Inspired by the high standard of the earlier EUHOFA congresses, our committee had prepared the EUHOFA congress participants with a challenging theme and a powerful mix of academic value and a royal hospitality experience. We are proud to present you the general outlines for both.


Meet The Hague!

Let’s meet again

Dear Colleagues and Friends!
With great pleasure we present to you the theme and outline of our committee’s plans for the 53rd EUHOFA International Congress to be held in The Hague, the Netherlands in November 2014.

On behalf of the Dutch organizing committee,
Mrs. Jacqueline van der Zwan
Congress President

Hospitality Experience Design

Hospitality is the art of giving somebody a genuine feeling of being welcome. Creating memorable hospitality experiences is becoming one of the leading differentiators in many industries and businesses. Creating and implementing innovative consumer centred concepts and service deliveries through Hospitality Experience Design - this is the main theme of the 53rd EUHOFA Congress.

The New Dutch Experience!

Conjuction with the academic theme, is is also our ambition to present the congress participants with a total hospitality experience that actually starts before the congress. Together with the students of ROC Mondriaan Schools for Tourism, Hospitality & Facility Services, and International Hotel Management, we hope to enrich the journey and congress experience of the congress participants in a personalized way. You may call it the New Dutch Experience!


Our invited specialists

Speaker 1

Michael Levie

As Vice-President of Operations he managed large hotel portfolios...
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Speaker 2

Geoff Marée

A senior lecturer Innovation and Imagineering at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences...
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Speaker 3

Bert Smit

His research focuses on the design of (branded) experiences...
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Speaker 5

Carl Rohde

Professor of Future Hospitalities & Trendwatching
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Speaker 6

Frans Melissen

He holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering & Management Science...
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Speaker 4

Jan Huizing

a Senior Lecturer in Strategy Management & Marketing and a Research Fellow at Hotelschool The Hague...
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Speaker 5

Karoline Wiegerink

Research activities & consultancy and training as associate of Hotelschool’s
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Speaker 8

Daphne Dekker

Daphne Dekker is the chair of Hospitality, Personality and Behaviour.
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Speaker 9

Conrad Lashley

Lead Researcher at the Academy of International Hospitality Research and more...
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Speaker 10

Xander Lub

Holds the Chair Experience and Service Design at Saxion University of Applied Sciences and more...
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